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Vocational - Key points for development

What is it?

A collection of childcare and development resources can be used to help prepare pupils for vocational qualifications. Some refer to English qualifications but they cover useful topics such as toys, health and safety, nutrition and physical and psychological development.

How to use it

For an introduction to, or revision of, the use of toys to aid children's development, rubberchicken2 has uploaded a set of worksheets which include pictures of developmental toys to start discussions of how they could be used. Meanwhile, Erica_c_hanson has supplied a PowerPoint resource on the symbols used to indicate whether toys are safe.

Child health is also covered in this collection, including a revision sheet on nutrition for children (naynay) and an introduction to common childhood infections (uploaded by iaveter).

For those considering social work as a career, there is a presentation on foster care and adoption (Olivia Rowling). As well as an introduction to the reasons a child might be adopted, and how the adoption process works, it includes a task asking pupils to study the "Baby P" case and whether more could have been done to protect the child.

For an overview on the various settings where people work with children, NGfL Cymru has supplied a resource covering everything from mother and toddler groups to primary schools, plus advice for pupils on doing work placements in these settings. The materials are designed so teachers can use them with a projector or whiteboard for groups, but learners could also use the resource for self-study and revision.

Where to find it

For all of these resources and more, visit development

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