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Vocational - Popular electronics

The "Electronics" collection covers some basic concepts and learning areas for electronics, including switches, Ohm's law and components. It also contains online materials to support background research.

Resources shared by nw5298, a top contributor to the TES resources site, include an activity to help pupils understand simple logic gates by modelling them as switches. Students have to identify which switches need to be pressed for the light to come on. nw5298 has also uploaded an overview of different types of switches and implementations, tutorials on circuits and a revision aid including an introduction to Ohm's law, potential dividers and calculating power.

Further resources include a blog site featuring articles explaining common electronics' functions from a popular science perspective, plus biographical sketches of famous engineers and scientists (TES Resource Team). There's a link to the Young Academy site, developed by BMW Education to teach students about the science and technology behind cars, from the principles of electronic theory to the skills required to become a technician in the car industry (Jenfr45). A resource on elementary electronics introduces electrical and electronics principles and components and some simple electronics projects (Square44).

Resources uploaded by richard.summerfield include an Ohm's law demonstrator, an interactive tool to show the effects on current flowing through a simple circuit when the voltage andor resistance are changed, and an introductory worksheet to transformers that demonstrates what happens to the output voltage when the primary and secondary turns are changed. Also included is a link to a website providing support for S1-6 electronics teaching (avcottle).

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