Volunteers needed to CHIP in

(Photograph) - Mike Goldman, (above), who heads the youth offending team in Neath Port Talbot, will oversee the progress of the CHIP project from the outset. He says teachers, along with other agencies, will help to identify children in need of help.

"We will target young people at risk of getting involved in anti-social behaviour in all its forms," he said.

"We also want to help their parents, and involve them in supporting the children through difficult periods."

Teachers, he said, should look at pupils showing signs of disruptive behaviour, and a tendency to truant.

"The voluntary sector will provide support workers," he said.

"Research shows that you can identify children at quite an early age who may later become involved in anti-social behaviour. If we can direct them into existing services, hopefully the long-term outcome for the community will be far more positive."

Photograph: Michael Hall

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