Vouchsafe greed

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Why the vouchers fuss? As a method of subsidising private schools, it has always been a policy that the Conservatives would implement as a party rewarding the richer. All pay taxes and so all should get the vouchers. This is the simplistic logic of the greedy. But I wonder if anybody has given thought to their real purpose?

As vouchers work their way up the educational system, their numbers will increase. Teachers will be paid in them, and will be able to redeem them at the Funding Agency Swap Shop (FASS) for pencils, paper and other useful items. If they have any left, the supermarkets will accept them. Bonus stamps will be available for teachers going on uplifting courses. Limited stamps will be available to governors, which they can give to teachers or redeem for themselves at the FASS, or use to pay water rates, etc. We will all be able to see at a glance the difference between real money and that other sort, implied by increases in real terms about real words!


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