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Wales Big leap forward for primary PE

Every primary teacher in Wales will receive training to teach high-quality PE lessons and pupil wellbeing as part of the new play-led foundation-phase curriculum.

The Sports Council for Wales has announced extra investment and resources. It means that within three years all under-sevens, including those at nursery school, will be taught all-round physical and mental fitness.

Jane Hutt, the education minister, endorsed the scheme on Friday. "The Assembly Government has made additional funding available over the next three years," she said.

There are 34 physical skills introduced to pupils in the foundation phase, such as running, jumping, balancing on one foot and leaping. Children are also taught the importance of exercise to their wellbeing.

The PE and School Sport programme, under which the skills are taught, was launched in 2002 and today operates in 84 per cent of schools in Wales. Estyn, the inspectorate for Wales, has praised the scheme for raising standards.

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