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Wales takes learning outside the classroom

WORK experience and out-of-school study are part of a new secondary learning programme launched this week by the Welsh Assembly.

Learning will no longer be confined to the school timetable under the Learning Pathways 14-19 proposals, launched for consultation this week.

Instead, skills training and intensive out-of-hours courses will contribute towards school qualifications. All pupils will be expected to achieve either a foundation (GCSE grades D-G) or intermediate (GCSE grades A*-C) qualification by the age of 16. This will be a springboard to further qualifications, divided into three categories of "apprenticeship".

The modern apprenticeship will lead to a work-based qualification, such as an NVQ. Pupils pursuing academic qualifications will follow a general apprenticeship. Those merging advanced study and work experience will take a combined apprenticeship.

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