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Waltham Forest waits

Mike Tomlinson's letter (TES, February 9) could have been headed "Inspection adrift" instead of "Inspection ahoy". Certainly it will not achieve its stated purpose of reducing anxiety.

The position in the London borough of Waltham Forest is that two out of 15 schools scheduled for Office for Standards in Education inspections this term have been told at short notice that their inspections have slipped to next term.

Seven schools have just learned that they will be inspected by teams of AIs (additional inspectors), all in the same week, next month. The short notice and the task of supporting so many inspections in one week will produce further difficulties for schools and the authority.

Presumably such extensive use of AIs shows that "market forces" were underwhelmed by OFSTED's accelerated programme in Waltham Forest.

ANDREW LOCKHART Chief education officer Waltham Forest, London E10

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