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Want to know a secret?

I knew I'd become a teacher when... I walked into my new form room with eager Year 7s at the start of term and was called Sir for the first time.

My school is... ambitious, though sadly this can't be said about the majority of students. I'm sure we'll get there in the end. It takes slow, simple steps forward to get on the right track. Miracles don't happen overnight.

I'm not looking forward to... I can honestly say there is nothing I am not looking forward to. I thought that parents' evenings, or in my case, a parents' day, would be a nightmare, but I am looking forward to it. At least you get to see the parents behind the children.

In five years' time I'd like to be... head of department. I'm looking forward to the challenge and responsibility.

If I had the guts I'd tell the head that... some of the school sanctions don't work, contrary to popular belief. It's sad when pupils are given detentions for running in corridors and being late, and so on, but not for swearing and abusing staff. There's something not quite right somewhere.

My worst work nightmare is... a particular Year 8 class. Most teachers have one class they don't look forward to, and so do I.

Senior management don't know it but... communication works best when the SMT speak to other staff about issues and problems in the school. This includes highlighting any pupils with specific needsissues.

My favourite bit of the week is... the same as most people... Friday at 3.30pm.

I hate teachers who... have the 'do as I say, don't do as I do' attitude.

How can we expect pupils to be polite and courteous when some staff think the rule doesn't apply to them when speaking to pupils.

The weekend is for... forgetting the week and relaxing as much as you can.

It's nice to focus on something other than school. You have to make the most of it as it only seems to last for a few hours. Why doesn't mid-week go as quickly?

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