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Ward's des res

JUST AS John Prescott admits most teachers can't afford to buy their own home, here's a story to cheer you up: Roger Ward, FE's favourite entrepreneur, has sold his three-storey Hampstead townhouse for more than pound;1 million.

That should keep the Association of College's disgraced former chief executive in his trademark champagne. Clearly the housing boom that has kept most of us looking dolefully through estate agents' windows isn't all bad news.

The house became surplus to requirements when Roger (OBE) married again last year. He hasn't been idle since laving the AOC (after The TES revealed financial irregularities). Last year he opened his own bistro, Cafe on the Hill, in Muswell Hill.

Passers-by remark how quiet it often seems, and how early it's been closing recently. But Rog is an ambitious chap and, rumour has it, plans a second eaterie - perhaps even a chain.

How will he bankroll this expansion? Well, the million should come in handy. Sadly, for any north London teachers wondering how to spend Prescott's interest-free top-up mortgage, one nice little property is no longer an option ...

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