A waste of time, effort and money

Lee Coombs

Once again, I have been left disappointed by the apathy of the unions and the opposition.

I am an engineer who made the career change to teaching four years ago. As I understand it, as of Friday I could have simply switched profession without any prior training. Therefore, it appears that I and every other teacher I know have wasted our time training and by my reckoning deserve a refund of our time and expenses (#163;7,000 in my case).

The government is implementing these changes under the radar and is getting away with it. I believe it is no coincidence that this has been timed as schools have broken for the summer holiday, and during the parliamentary recess. The government is dressing its education policy up as a good thing, and I cannot be the only one who can see it is not. I want someone from the government to tell me how this can be a good thing and anyone else to tell me how they are challenging it. I'm furious.

Lee Coombs.

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Lee Coombs

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