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WATCH: 'Be the nice kid' this Christmas

Aberdeenshire school pupils make heartwarming film about the importance of kindness

WATCH: 'Choose kind' this Christmas

An Aberdeenshire primary school is hoping to inspire a wave of kindness with a video that pupils have made for Christmas.

Children at Dunnottar School in Stonehaven, Aberdeenshire, are urging people to "choose kindness". The students act out a range of scenes in which a pupil has the courage to intervene when a child is being bullied, which is intercut with a performance of the song A Million Dreams from the hit film, The Greatest Showman.

The video starts with a simple plea from the students: "Be the nice kid."

The school received an enthusiastic response after it tweeted the five-minute video, with one tweeter replying: "A brilliant message for us all: old and young!" One parent tweeted: "So inspiring! Loved it! Very proud to say my children go to such an inspiring school!"

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