WATCH: Does our school system harm teacher mental health?

Watch a panel of teachers and experts discuss mental health and wellbeing in the teaching workforce

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Is the culture of schools to blame for teacher mental health problems?

Last year, 3,750 teachers out of every 100,000 reported experiencing work-related illness, and 40 per cent of those who train to teach don't last beyond five years in the classroom.

As a profession, are teachers predisposed to poor mental health? Or is there something in the culture of schools and education as a whole that creates the conditions for teacher burnout?

Teacher mental health

This panel, organised by thinktank LKMCo and hosted by Tes, discussed these pressing issues, explored the experiences of teachers, examined the root causes and talked about what can be done.


Chaired by Ed Dorrell, Tes' head of content, the panel featured Angie Browne, principal and founder of NourishEd Collective; Professor Sam Twiselton, director of Sheffield Hallam Institute of Education and vice-president of the Chartered College of Teaching; Ivana Vidakovic, senior research lead at Ofsted; and Adrian Bethune, a teacher and education policy lead at the Mindfulness Initiative.

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