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Some of the best or funniest reviews by schoolchildren of this season's pantos

Cinderella King's Theatre, Glasgow

"The story is about a girl called Cinderella who becomes a slave to her stepmother and stepsisters. With help from her friend Buttons and her fairy godmother she marries the prince.

I think Buttons was the best character because he told brilliant jokes - about the sisters.

My funniest moment was when the two sisters went to the ball in football costumes.

I liked the part when Buttons said: "I don't care about you telling your mum. Just wait till he tells his!", then a big spider came after the two sisters."

Christopher Murdoch P5 Brediland Primary, Paisley

Pinocchio Eden Court Theatre, Inverness

"We went to see Pinocchio at Eden Court Theatre. I am Jack Halliday, the rascal. I went with my P3 class in Raigmore Primary School and P2 and P12 in Inverness I My favourite character is Lampwick because he tells rude jokes and is a bit naughty like me. His funniest joke was about poo: Knock knock Who's there?

I did up I did up who?

Ooo! You did a poo poo!" Jack Halliday P3 Raigmore Primary, Inverness

"I saw the pantomime on Monday with all the little ones. The story of Pinocchio is about a little wooden puppet which the Fairy Queen turned to life. He was supposed to go to school to learn but he never did go.

He met Lampwick and had fun and terrible adventures. Some of them were frightening with Swallowfire, who was a bad man. I liked booing at him.

I liked when he was at Pleasure Island and there was a fair. The best bit of the fair was the big dipper because Lampwick's mum was funny when she got off. I couldn't figure out how they got a big dipper car on stage.

Pinocchio learns he should go to school instead of playing around. They lived happily ever after and sang lots of songs.

At the end they read out the schools and read out Jack's name because it was Jack's birthday.

My favourite character was the Fairy Queen because she helps Pinocchio when he's in trouble. I wish I had a Fairy Queen because she would help me when I'm in trouble. I wish I had her costume and crown and wand. They were beautiful. I liked the fairy lights best.

My favourite scene was under the sea because I liked it glowing.

I enjoyed it very much. It made me laugh and some was sad. I think everyone should take their children to see it."

Tasha Lundie P3 Raigmore Primary, Inverness

Santa and Nicolas MacRobert Theatre, Stirling

"Santa and Nicolas is about a boy called Nicolas who is trying to persuade Santa that he was not taken for granted and that even though no one has left anything out for Santa, his presents are still very special.

I thought all the characters were very good, especially Nicolas. He was a typical 10-year-old boy, cheeky and stubborn. I thought the elves were also very good. They came across as very funny but silly!

The lighting in this play is very good. It is very gradual and each scene has suitable lighting. I liked the lighting for the Jack Frost scene best.

The staging was very clear and really gave a good idea of what was happening. The music was also very clever with a nice contrast of modern, bouncy music and soft sentimental songs.

I liked the costumes because they were very original and suited each character's personality. My favourite costume has to be the Polar Bear; he was lovely.

Overall, I really enjoyed Santa and Nicolas and would recommend it to anyone."

Esme Sutherland Upper Third (P7) Kilgraston Grange Kilgraston School, Perthshire

Beauty and the Beast Hopscotch Theatre Company at St Paul's Primary, Glasgow

"This was very different from the normal production of Beauty and the Beast. This production was performed by Hopscotch in our school.

It was different partly because of Fruity and Snooty, who were sisters. The play itself was changed. The sisters were acting like the ugly sisters from Cinderella. There were only four actors, and for that it was brilliant.

It was about their father investing his money in a ship called The Lucky Fortune. It sank and they lost their money. They were poor. Then he went to a big palace and the Beast locked him up. The sisters saved him and then the Beast gave them money. Beauty and the Beast fell in love, so that spell was broken and they lived happily ever after.

My favourite character was Fruity. He was playing the part of a woman. He was hilarious. He was brilliant at playing the part.

The scenery was amazing because it was only hinges on cardboard with only two scenes. The costumes were funny; they were always playing with their wigs.

There was a point when they were all in the palace and Fruity said to the armour: "Wassupp?". It was funny. Then he said, because Beauty was being silly, "You really are the Weakest Link!", "Gonnae no do that!" and "Who let the dogs out!?" when he saw the Beast.

It was mixed for older and younger children. Some parts the older children didn't find funny and some the younger children didn't find funny because they didn't understand. Overall it was very good. I give it eight stars out of 10."

Kelly Connolly P7 St Paul's Primary, Glasgow

Jack and the Beanstalk His Majesty's Theatre, Aberdeen

"Jack Trot lived in the village of Trotterham with his mum, Dame Trot. One day a fairy tells the Princess and the people of Trotterham that Jack was to fight the giant, Blunderbore, who ruled Trotterham, but the only problem was that he lived in the clouds.

The giant's assistant, Fleshcreep, made a blupper when the fairy had magic beans in a bag and Fleshcreep snatched them off her. He sold them for a cow that Dame Trot wanted Jack to sell, called Daisy. Dame Trot wasn't very happy so she threw them out. When morning came, there was a giant beanstalk in the garden.

He climbed because he wanted to marry the princess and the only way was to kill the giant. He went and did that and married the Princess with the help of the fairy's magic sword.

I think the best character was Dame Trot. She was the only one who was Scottish. She came on on a scooter and sang a song about wheelie bins being tied to chains. She was the funniest in the show. She chased a big, brown rat.

The scenery was very realistic. All of it seemed very lifelike.

Most of the costumes looked like they were brand new. Everyone looked like they were meant to be. Jack's wasn't too good because he wore a very short skirt.

The best special effects were the fireworks whenever the fairy appeared. The funniest moment was when Dame Trot crashed into the wheelie bin on the scooter. It really made me laugh.

It was very good and I'd recommend it to anyone thinking about going to it. Rating: 910"

Liam Middleton P7 Stracathro Primary, Angus

Dick Whittington King's Theatre, Edinburgh

"The story was about a boy called Dick who came to Edinburgh. Fairy Tinkerbell was looking after him. King Rat was trying to harm him all the time. Dick got a job in a shop but King Rat framed him by stealing the jewels and planting them on Tommy, his cat.

The family were setting sail on a boat. Dick and King Rat stowed away. Later King Rat sank the boat. They made their way to an island and got captured by the Sultan. Tommy, Dick's cat, kills all the rats and all their wishes were granted. Dick and Alice get married at the end.

I think Fairy Tinkerbell made the show as she was very funny and spoke to the audience a lot. Dick and Alice put a lot of feeling into their parts and the rest of the cast were very funny.

Some of the scenes were totally amazing. I particularly liked the dream scene at the end of the first half. The gold costumes were beautiful. The rest of the costumes were really pretty and fitted each character well.

One of the funniest moments was when Allan Stewart came on and impersonated Britney Spears. One other was when the captain and Alice's dad were having a fight with foam.

My verdict on the show was that it never allowed you to get bored and you came out feeling happy."

Samantha Barnes P7 Stoneyburn Primary, West Lothian

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