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Watch out for...Gaelic TV

The Gaelic Broadcasting Committee has proudly announced "a new era" and "a breakthrough for Gaelic broadcasting and Gaelic education", with three new television series for schools starting this week.

"Last year we allocated Pounds 1.2 million over a three-year period for Gaelic education programming on television and we are grateful to the production teams, writers and advisers who have helped produce these excellent programmes," said chairman Matthew MacIver.

Baile Mhuilinn (Mill Town), a 20-part series of 10-minute programmes for four to six-year-olds, began on Tuesday. Aimed at the immersion stage of language learning, it encourages speaking and listening with the help of Hector the Horse, the Miller and their friends. Topics are taught through stories, rhymes and songs, and supported by an 80-page teachers' book.

Starting today are two series - Aig Nadar tha Fios (Nature Knows Best), 20 15-minute programmes for 10 to 12-year-olds on people and their environment, also supported by a teachers' guide, and Am Bioball (The Bible), nine 30-minute programmes for seven to nine-year-olds on stories and characters from the Old Testament, with a 24-page teachers' book.

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