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Watch the space for a galloping sprite

Splat! Graphics software for IBM and compatible computers Single user Pounds 39 Primary site licence Pounds 98, network licence Pounds 98, secondary site licence Pounds 147 SPA, PO Box 59,Tewkesbury GL20 6AB Tel: 01684 833700 Age range 4-12

Terrific fun for children of all ages and even young-at-heart grown-ups is the best way to describe this graphics program. And it's so simple to use it would make a wonderful starter program for a very young child.

The number of options is staggering, from the magic brushes to animated sprites moving across the screen.

Every brush effect, and there are many, appears to have three or more variations. There are 18 backgrounds to choose from, and the collection of cartoon characters to add to any picture is amazing. Perhaps the most entertaining aspect is the moving sprites, from space ships and horses galloping across the screen to a workman digging a trench in the road.

On top of this there are alphabets in eight different styles, including multi-coloured letters, objects to represent letters, and ordinary lettering where each letter can be a different colour to suit. Unfortunately, type size cannot be changed.

When the masterpiece is finished, it can be stored in miniature along with the backgrounds and then printed out as a poster - sure to be popular with children of all ages.

If any parent or grandparent is looking for a really good painting program as a present, with a good chance of keeping the children quiet for a while, this should be near the top of the list.

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