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What's Your Problem?

BBC1, September 25, 9-10.30pm

The BBC is devoting several programmes this week to disability. Tonight's play, which gives the season its title, is by Peter Bowker. It stars Christopher Eccleston as a young man, adopted at birth, who learns that his biological parents have learning disabilities; the discovery changes his perception of himself.

Later on the same evening, One in Seven (BBC2, 11.20pm-midnight) looks at the lives of people with problems such as epilepsy, cerebral palsy and deafness; and on the following day, The Man Who Learned to See (BBC2, 9-9.50pm) is a documentary about the remarkable Mike May. Blinded at the age of three, Mr May has regained some vision thanks to a corneal transplant, but still has difficulty interpreting what he sees.

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