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Designing the Decades

BBC2, Saturday, March 15, 8.30-9pm.

England on Film

BBC2, Thursday, March 20, 7.30-8pm.

Two new series about Britain in the 20th century. The first looks at design, starting with the 1960s: the Post Office Tower, Habitat, Tupperware, miniskirts and the Mini shaped our lives in that hugely enjoyable decade. Mary Quant, the late Adam Faith, Terence Conran and other luminaries talk about what it meant to them. On Thursday, the BBC raids the Northern Region Film and TV Archive for material on life in Cumbria and the north-east, back to the day when Sunderland met Newcastle on the football field in 1913. The Second World War victory celebrations are here, in colour, and much material showing how people lived in the last millennium.

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