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An Unforgettable Coronation BBC1, Monday, June 2, 10.35-11.05pm

It is an interesting year for anniversaries. Instead of historical and literary figures, we have St Petersburg, Everest, the Profumo scandal and the Coronation. The last is of particular interest to television, as it is usually taken to mark the real start of the television era in Britain. Rolling Stone Bill Wyman recalls the 1950s passion for rock 'n' roll, and EastEnders star June Brown is among contributors. If the Coronation marked the start of the TV era, you might think it was the end of radio days. Not so. Still Room in the Tower (Radio 4, May 31, 8-9pm), is a collection of stories behind the televising of the Coronation - the title echoing the warning to television crews by Earl Marshall in case they stepped out of line.

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