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Conversations with Poets: Radio 3, Saturday, June 24, 1.00pm. Contemporary poets talk about the process of writing and the nature of their work. This first episode features Douglas Dunn, who talks about his own poetic education at the hands of Philip Larkin.

The New Jerusalem: BBC2, Sunday, June 25, 8.00pm. This history of the Welfare State tells the story of the idealism of the post-war government and how it tried to lay the foundations for a better future. The four-part series looks at what was planned for housing, education, health and the eradication of poverty.

Myths and Memories of World War Nuremberg: BBC2, Sunday, June 25, 9.20pm. A debate about the how the Nuremberg trials were run, how much commitment really existed to the concept of international courts, the nature of criminality in war and whether prosecutions should still be allowed of those accused of war crimes committed 50 years ago.

The Music Machine: Radio 3, Monday, June 26, 5.00pm. Schools and colleges in Humberside are taking part in a TVEI project to compose and produce a piece of music and an accompanying video. The programme follows their efforts and the advice on offer from the local education authority.

Education Matters: Radio 4, Monday, June 26, 11.00pm. This week the education magazine series reports on how special schools are being used as "dumping grounds" for truants and disruptive children. Also under discussion is the amount of money schools are having to pay for security.

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