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Le R gle du Jeu. BBC2, Saturday, April 8, 12.15pm. Jean Renoir's story of love and retribution is screened in the BBC's season of best 100 films of the century. Released months before the outbreak of war, it was banned by the French government for its threat to the country's morale.

* Makers of Modern Politics: BBC Radio 4, Thursday, April 13, 8pm. A series of profiles of five influential 20th-century politicians, beginning with Conservative prime minister Stanley Baldwin. This promoter of consensus politics in the Twenties and Thirties, is likened by national heritage secretary Stephen Dorrell to the current prime minister, John Major.

* Education Matters: BBC Radio 4, Monday, April 13, 11pm. Education jargon comes under attack from schoolchildren, who accuse acronym-laden courses, such as BTEC and GNVQs, of using language that confuses rather than communicates. There are also first-hand accounts of the consequences of budget cuts from seven- year-olds in Gloucester, who describe the impact on their primary school.

* Wuthering Heights: Channel 4, Friday, April 14, 1.35pm. A classic 1939 black-and-white film adaptation of Emily Bront 's novel, starring Laurence Olivier, David Niven and Flora Robson. As Sam Goldwyn objected to a film ending with a star dying, the film closes with its own posthumous happy ending, with the ghosts of Cathy and Heathcliff being reunited on the moors.

* Bach's St Matthew Passion: BBC Radio 3, Friday, April 14, 7.30pm. A Good Friday broadcast by the St James Baroque Players, the Bach Ensemble and solo singers.

* Amadeus: BBC1, Friday, April 14, 10.50pm. The 1984 eight-Oscar film biography of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and the destructive jealousy of his Viennese rivals.

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