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* The Seven Wonders of the World: Channel 4, Sunday, June 18, 8pm. Drawn up 2,500 years ago by Greek writer, Philo, the list of the ancient world's top seven attractions still holds the public's imagination. In this four-part series, historian John Romer takes the viewer on a tour of the archaeological sites and then, with computer graphics, shows how they might have looked.

* How Radio Won the War The Gathering Storm: Radio 4FM, Sunday, June 18, 8.05pm. This new series presents the role of radio in the Second World War, considering how the BBC and Nazi propagandists such as Goebbels used the airwaves.

* Education Stowe and Stantonbury: BBC2, Tuesday, June 20, 7.10am. An Open University look at how pupils from a public school and a comprehensive found each other's educational environment when they swapped places.

* A Tale of Two Cities. Channel 4, Thursday, June 22, 9.30am. A 1936 film version of Dickens's novel of intrigue and self-sacrifice during the French Revolution.

* Don't Mention the War. Radio 4FM, Friday, June 23, 10.00am. Britain's fixation with the war, particularly in television and film, is explored in this documentary. It is contrasted to the attitudes of other European countries.

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