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Water shortage: The facts

To keep properly hydrated, children should drink six to eight glasses of water a day, including three or four glasses while they are at school.

Feeling thirsty means a pupil has already become dehydrated.

Brain cells are between 74 and 85 per cent water, and neural connections within the brain are impaired when dehydrated. Cognitive performance decreases by 10 per cent in healthy young adults when they feel thirsty.

A study by Leeds University researchers found that nine out of 10 pupilsconsume less than 75 per cent of their recommended daily fluid intake.

On average, British schools have one water fountain or tap per 80 pupils.

More information from: The Enuresis Research and Information Centre (ERIC) water information website and on 0117 960 3060. Aquaid's website is at or tel 01223 508 109.

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