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A way to awards

In recent years, Wallsend St Peter's C of E Primary School has gained several high-profile awards in different curriculum areas. Subject co-ordinators often start by looking at the annual subject audit and asking:

* Is this subject already school strength and, if so, why?

* Can it be further enhanced by out-of-school activities?

* How can staff participate in enhancement of the subject?

* How is it possible to further develop staff skills in this area?

* Can other agencies within the community help?

* Is there a common goal all staff can work towards?

We have identified common goals such as:

* Participation in national and regional competitions in order to attract funding.

* Keeping records of activities that lead to a DfES award, eg Schools'

Curriculum Award, Basic Skills Award, Activemark.

* Identification of school, pupil and parental needs alongside a programme of how to meet them - followed by bidding for funds from the relevant agency, eg regional health authority, environmental agencies etc.

To any school still wondering if working towards an award, or other type of goal, is worth it, my advice is "Go for it!

Lorna F Reed, headteacher of Wallsend C of E Primary School, North Tyneside

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