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On way to golden hello

Q: I'm in the third term of my induction year in modern foreign languages. My school gave me a temporary contract and has told me that they will not be needing me from the end of this school year. I need to know two things; as my contract is temporary and they will not need me after July, will I get paid during the summer? Also, if I don't get another position for September and do supply work, will I be eligible for my "golden hello" at the start of my second year's teaching?

A: For the purposes of salary arrangements, the Burgundy Book defines the summer term as ending on August 31 so you should get paid during the holiday unless your school gives non-standard contracts - read the small print. You can claim the golden hello as soon as you have another MFL post in a maintained school for at least a term. It doesn't have to be immediately as long as it's within five years of when you got qualified teacher status.

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