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Frances Rafferty reports on the details published to accompany the performance-pay Green Paper The publication this week of the details behind Teachers: meeting the challenge of change puts meat on the bones of the Green Paper but falls short in its promise to answer all the questions asked when it was launched.

The technical paper gives details of the appraisal systems to be used, the appraisers and what teachers will have to achieve to be good enough to earn performance-related pay. All schools will be required to have performance management policies agreed by their governing bodies.


All teachers will be appraised by senior staff. They will be set at least three objectives every year - including targets for pupil progress. The results of appraisal will be used by headteachers to determine pay scales and teachers' career development.

All teachers at point nine or above will be eligible to be considered for a higher pay scale, but they can chose to remain on the existing scale.

Progression up the upper spine will be performance-related. All senior staff will be chosen from this cohort.


Teachers must prepare a portfolio providing information about their performance, analysis of pupils' results and evidence of commitment to their own professional development. They must also show that they have been able to keep up-to-date with their subject, can use information technology and can maintain good discipline in the classroom.

They will be assessed by their line manager and the head will decide if they meet the threshold criteria. The process will be reviewed by an external assessor.

Successful teachers will get an initial 10 per cent rise and appraisal will determine progress up the spine thereafter to an earning potential of pound;35,000.


Governors will decide which teachers will progress on to the leadership spine. As well as heads, deputies and advanced skills teachers, heads of departments or heads of infants and juniors may also be included.

Senior staff will be responsible for appraisal of their staff. Heads' contracts will be revised to include their role in performance management.


There will be a national training scheme for assessors. A list of independent advisers, drawn from inspectors, local authority staff and governors, will be drawn up to advise governing bodies on heads' pay.

But there is no indication in the paper as to how they will be appointed.


There will pound;1 billion to pay for the start of the new system. Once it has bedded down, teachers' salaries will be determined by the standard pay arrangement. Local authorities and the Audit Commission will monitor arrangements. The Office for Standards in Education will comment on schools' performance management systems.

Teachers: meeting the challenge of change can be obtained from DFEE, Publications Centre, PO Box 5050, Sudbury, Suffolk CO1O 62Q.

Teachers: meeting the challenge of change

Technical consultation paper on pay andperformance management Teachers' scale

* From September 1999, teachers to be appraised every year by senior management and set objectives to improve professional performance and pupil progress.

* Appraisal will be linked to pay and professional development.

* From September 2000, teachers on point 9 or above will be eligible to move to a higher, performance-related pay scale after assessment by their head and an external assessor.

* All teachers will undergo an induction year.

Leadership scale * From September 1999 a pilot fast-track scheme will allow rapid promotion for high-flyers (no details of selection process).

* New leadership scale for heads, deputies, advanced skills teachers and senior staff. Movement up this scale to be determined by performance and leadership. Senior staff will not be covered by restrictions on working time in teachers' contract.

* Top-of-the-range fixed-term contracts for troubleshooter heads to take on problem schools.

* Headteachers to be appraised by governing body, with advice from independent advisers.

* Performance management handbooks will be supplied to schools.

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