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Ways to cut teenage pregnancies

The article, "Let's all talk about sex" (TES, October 20) emphasised the need for a co-ordinated approach if we are to succeed in bringing down the very high rates of teenage pregnancy.

I have worked in this field for many years. While the quality of sex education and support for young people has improved, it is still largely a piecemeal approach.

The Share Programme, a research-based sex education curriculum for secondary schools, is now being widely adopted in Scotland. Young people are receiving consistent messages from high-quality sex and relationships education delivered by trained teachers, school nurses and youth and community workers. The programme is now available across the UK.

A pilot has been running for two years in most of the secondary schools in Easington, County Durham, and the results of the evaluation are due to be published shortly. We would like to talk to local authority children's services or health trusts who want to explore developing such a co-ordinated approach.

Hilary Dixon. Director, Me-and-Us Sedbergh, Cumbria

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