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We all belong to an ethnic group

I refer to a sentence in the article "Call to push Welsh study" (TESCymru, June 24) which says: "Parents from multicultural backgrounds should also be encouraged to learn about the curriculum at evening classes."

"Multicultural backgrounds" is inappropriate. All parents belong to an ethnic group. The majority ethnic group in Wales is white. Other groups are referred to as minority ethnic groups. I am not sure I have ever met a "multicultural" parent, unless the author is singling out parents of mixed race, which is just one of many minority ethnic groups represented in Wales.

The assertion that minority ethnic parents need educating about the curriculum, while by inference white parents do not, is insulting and discriminatory. Many minority ethnic parents were born in Wales and would call themselves Welsh. Some send their children to Welsh-medium schools. Do they need classes about Y Cwricwlwm Cymreig?

What the Estyn report actually said was: "Ensure that parents who are new to Wales are made aware of the distinctive features of the curriculum in Wales."

Mark Sims 36 Nant Talwg Way, Barry Editor's footnote: The use of "multicultural backgrounds" was inappropriate but no offence was intended.

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