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We don't need chapter and verse from the arty set on Sats

Last week you featured a letter from authors and illustrators headlined "Boycott Boost". I may not be an eminent artiste, but as a Year 6 teacher I believe I have more understanding of the primary classroom environment and indeed Sats.

Although I disagree with Sats and the pressure on children and teachers and league tables, I don't agree with the knee-jerk reaction that dismisses them either.

Schools need accountability and not just flights of the imagination to gauge where our children are. Summative and formative assessment is needed.

My class this year has done numerous comprehension exercises, but the children have also read many books - including some by authors who signed that letter. They have enjoyed Kensuke's Kingdom, The Firework-Maker's Daughter, Iron Man, Fair's Fair, three Mr Gum books (which my class are crazy about, incidentally). Poetry also gets a fair lashing in my class from the Jabberwocky to Chocolate Cake by Mr Rosen himself.

The allegation that we don't read enough or look at full texts is wrong. And I find it insulting that these people are making allegations that are unfounded and misleading. What Government, unions and the eminent Mr Rosen and co need to do is let me teach.

Christopher Green, Year 6 teacher, Hunningley Primary School, Barnsley.

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