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We don't want to scrap citizenship

While your article conveys well the outline of our joint GCSE geographyhistorycitizenship proposal, it may have misled your readers in three ways: 1) In no way do we intend "to replace" citizenship education. Rather our proposal presents citizenship in a different way arising from the disciplined study of subjects, which we think will be attractive to schools.

2) Ours is not one of the hybrid courses being piloted by the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority, though it uses the same modular structure. It would be better to describe it as a combined subjects course.

3) We do not regard ourselves as seeking to "save" our subjects.

On the contrary, our aim is to encourage schools to use the new humanities entitlement to increase the number of young people studying humanities subjects to make better sense of their fast-changing and often confusing world.

David Lambert

Geographical Association

Martin Roberts

Historical Association

Dr David Lambert

Chief executive

Geographical Association

160 Solly Street, Sheffield

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