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We have duty as subject teachers

I feel compelled to respond to Jaye Richards's comment that she is foremost a "teacher" before she is a "biology teacher".

If you read the regular feature My Best Teacher in the TES Magazine, you will note that, without exception, the teacher who most influenced someone was a "subject specialist". It is someone who teaches with passion about their subject and, what's more, is passionate about helping all their pupils understand, appreciate and succeed.

Our challenge as subject teachers is to ensure that all pupils of all abilities learn to appreciate our subject. I like to think of myself as a subject specialist teacher who tries to give an understanding of, appreciation for and, hopefully, even a love for my subject.

My pupils will never do this unless they see me determined to help them share my passion for the subject - some of my pupils think I eat, sleep and live maths. Complete rubbish! Tonight, I will catch QI, Big Bang Theory and Numb3rs, before I even look at S2 homework.

Andy Tomison, principal teacher mathematics, Community School of Auchterarder.

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