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We know what works, do they?

RUTH Simpson's missive to David Blunkett (TES, March 17) regarding the short-sighted and ill-informed blame culture that he is assiduously nurturing left me angry but inspired that such teachers are still in our profession.

Her commitment, dedication and determination shine like a beacon, the energy and belief in her cause obvious. The Government may feel that "no excuses for failure" is a no-nonsense, vote-winning catchphrase. In fact it only serves to highlight its ignorance of the issues faced by scools. There is no excuse for treating caring, conscientious professionals, often doing near-impossible jobs, in the shameful way that Ms Simpson alludes to.

Long may people like Ruth Simpson continue to form the spine of resilience and drive that education in this country so desperately needs. Good teachers know precisely what is required to make schools work and to help our children to succeed. Can the same be said of Mr Blunkett?

John Prior

55 Cherrywood Lane

Morden, Surrey

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