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We should praise not bury reforms

Reading Conor Ryan's article (TES, February 22) on the important 14 to 19 reforms was depressing. Estelle Morris should be congratulated for starting to tackle this vital area.

Britain has one of the lowest number of students involved in education and training at the age of 17 in Europe. The curriculum is far too specialised and employability is not a priority for our educational system.

A 14-19 modular system delivered in different settings planned in the interests of the individual is the way forward. The Europeans and indeed many leading private schools prefer the baccalaureate approach to the restrictions of A-levels.

Financial support for 16 to 18-year-olds is also needed if we are to increase participation for all but curriculum reform is equally essential. This Green Paper is not only welcome but also long overdue.

Graham Lane

Education leader

Local Government Association

110 Humberstone Road

London E13

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