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'We will continue to tackle bullying and harassment'

Bullying will not be tolerated within our organisation. Following our first staff survey the Ofsted Board set up opportunities for staff to raise concerns confidentially.

In our second staff survey we have sought to follow that up with more detailed questions to help us identify ways to tackle the issue in the future.

The staff survey was carried out in January this year. We wanted every member of staff to have the opportunity to put forward their views about the organisation and its work: 76 per cent of them responded, showing how much they value these surveys.

The results show real progress in tackling some of the key areas highlighted in the previous survey, especially leadership and communications, contact between management and staff, and clarity of vision and direction for the organisation as a whole. I am also pleased that the survey noted that pride in being part of Ofsted has improved over the past year.

One of our key aims in conducting an anonymous staff survey is to provoke an honest and open assessment of what we need to do better as an organisation. Over the coming year we expect to achieve further progress, providing demanding but rewarding work for our staff and a top-quality service to all those with a stake in education and care.

The board has always been completely open about the results, making full details available to all members of staff: something our unions have welcomed. We launched our first survey in 2002 in order to gauge the views of staff following the transfer of childcare regulation to our organisation: 80 per cent of our staff had joined us in the previous 12 months.

After that first survey my management team and I took rapid and specific action to address the concerns raised, and this year's survey reflects what we have achieved in the past year.

I am not complacent though, and as you would expect in any organisation which has faced major change, there are a range of issues and areas that we will be looking to address over the coming year.

This includes continuing to tackle the bullying and harassment reported by too many of our staff.

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