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We will miss Ted so much

I am so, so sorry to hear of the death of Ted Wragg. For years his columns have brought me laughter and the relief that at least someone out there recognises the folly and falsity which has been the face of British education since 1986.

He was a champion of "real" education, to enable each individual to realise their potential through personal respect, creativity and a stimulating curriculum relevant to individual needs.

In spite of his irreverent jibes at government he was involved in the educational world at many levels, from teaching at foundation stage to chairing national committees.

He was my hero! The words "Oh still small voice of calm" often played in my head as I read his words. Perhaps, "Thank God for the humour, wit, confidence, honesty, and intelligence which Ted brought to the educational world" would be more apt. I hope others will be able to put across the message as well as he did.

Heather Pomroy

Hillview, Shire Lane Chalfont St Peter, Bucks

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