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Co-ordinating algebra

Struggling with simultaneous equations? This US-based site provides support for pre-algebra learning, covering fractions, negative numbers and the correct method for evaluating arithmetic expressions. The basic algebra section looks at completing the square, solving inequalities and simultaneous equations, and finding the midpoint between two co-ordinates. The college algebra pages help to explain linear algebra and matrices. There are also links to articles recommending games, teaching resources and worksheets.


Online sheet music

If you are looking for a range of cheap sheet music, you will find it in downloadable form at the the Right Now Music website. The site also works with composers, arrangers and publishers to produce their music online, and you can produce quality sound files and pdf versions of music through this site. A news section keeps you up to date with the music world and has links to other useful websites.


Looking for a quotation?

If you are having trouble remembering quotations or just want to learn some more, this website is an essential tool. "Quotes and Poem" currently contains references to around 250 subjects by more than 1,250 authors, including William Blake, Plato, Queen Elizabeth I and Winston Churchill. There are entire versions of Shakespeare plays and novels by Charles Dickens and Jane Austen. You can search by author or subject, share your views in the forum and follow links to other websites.


Community arts online

Six art and media-based community schemes in Bristol (reveal, Neighbourhood, Cherry Orchards, Imagem, Alchemy and art + power) have given people the opportunity to create work that reflects their aspirations, cultures and concerns. These projects can now be viewed online at the Digitised: Communities Online website. Each project has a section with information about its participants and a gallery of their work. There is also a resources section with games, ideas and advice for teachers wanting to link the information to the curriculum.


All things Aztec

The Aztecs at Mexicolore website offers pages of information about Aztec life. Reviews of recommended resources, places to visit and links to useful websites are also included and you can upload pictures of your school's displays to share with other users. There is an Ask the Expert section for sending questions to a panel of archaeologists, museum curators and university professors. There is also a spin-off site, Mexicolore Kids.


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