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MONET http:www.columbia.edujns16monet_htmlmonet.html

Big exhibitions often tend to reduce art almost to the level of a visit to Madame Tussauds. A computer screen does not do justice to the wide screen work of Monet either, but this site tries hard. It is part of a university course and the material covers many facets of the painter's art in an historical context. There are also links to other Monet sites. If it is not as good as a visit to the Royal Academy, it is more comprehensive.

ECONOMIC EDUCATION WEB http:ecedweb.unomaha.eduhome.htm

Economics is not an area well blessed with sites. However, those in the UK are good. This one, based in the University of Omaha has some useful, if somewhat US-biased, information. There is practical information including material on using the Internet to teach economics. It also contains some advice on information skills and evaluations of material found on the Internet.


The treasures stored within the University of Virginia must be seen to be believed. Thousands of texts printed before 1900 are online. And all the major, and some very obscure, works of literature are here. The site's purpose is to "build and maintain an Internet-accessible collection of electronic texts and images, and to build and maintain a user community adept at the creation and use of these materials". Access and marvel.

CHANGING THE WORLD THROUGH MEDIA EDUCATION http:www.justthink.orgteach.html

Rather grandly titled, this site contains some splendid material on propaganda. It's well researched and there is welcome advice on how to assist in media education in the home. Elana Rosen of Just Think, the organisation that put it all together, says: "It's really important that your students understand that you watch media, you play media, you understand what entertainment is, and that you also understand educational values."

ART STUDIO CHALKBOARD http:www.saumag.eduartstudiochalkboard.html

Dedicated to exploring drawing and painting techniques, this is a useful resource for artists and art students focusing on the technical fundamentals of perspective, shading, colour and painting. The pages were compiled and designed by an art faculty member in the Southern Arkansas University Art Department. Techniques such as chiaroscuro, perspective and figure drawing, are explored.

EDUCATE THE CHILDREN http:www.merseyworld.comeducate

Want some good material for both literacy and numeracy in the primary school? Look no further. This is an attractive site that looks better than it really is, but there is clearly a lot of potential. Included are lesson plans, links and teaching strategies. The intriguing part of the site is the design which is exceptionally attractive and clear.

TEACHING IDEAS FOR PRIMARY TEACHERS http:www.warner.clara.netindex.htm

The work of one person, and containing a great many ideas, activities and worksheets. It's structured around curriculum areas and is both well designed and pleasant to use. For example, in science there are worksheets on constructing a yo-yo, circuit diagrams, conductors and insulators, as well as suggested ways of working with magnetism.


Starting from the basis of what children know works well when you look at weather, this site is as good a place as any to start. It's up to date, well researched and could be used by teachers for key stages 2-4. Best part is the links to sites across the world. One of the transforming qualities of the Internet is the way it has made views of the world from satellites accessible in classrooms.


John Simkin of Spartacus Educational has developed a number of resources specifically for the Internet and for education including - The Emancipation of Women: 1860-1920; The Railways; London: 1700-1900; The First World War; Education: 1700-1950; The Slave Trade; and The Peterloo Massacre. There's a lot here, all of which is aimed at UK schools.

Jack Kenny

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