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Resource title: Worksheet genius

Uploaded by: Simon Currigan, a primary school teacher in Birmingham

Rating: *****

Page views: 1,777 times

Find it: www.tes.co.ukworksheet

Suitable for: All ages up to 13

What is it?

- Simon has developed a free website for teachers to generate their own printable worksheets, activities and puzzles that can be differentiated and randomised at the touch of a button.

- Within the English section you can generate anagrams, bingo activities, flash cards, spelling lists and phonics worksheets.

- The mathematics area offers activity templates related to time and 12 areas related to number including ordering, place value, addition, subtraction and division.

What other teachers say

"A great time saver."

"I have just created a worksheet to assess pupils' knowledge of digital clock times and a word search for the end of my Muslim topic in RE, full of subject specific words, all within five minutes."

"This will genuinely save me hours."

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For thousands of classroom resources visit www.tes.co.ukresources.

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