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The energetic retired teacher Derek Gillard, who put the 1967 Plowden report on primary education online last year, has added to his collection.

You can now find these reports at

* 1926 Hadow Report: the education of the adolescent;

* 1931 Hadow Report: the primary school;

* 1967 Plowden Report: children and their primary schools;

* 1978 HMI survey: primary education in England

* 1985 HMI survey: education 8-12 in combined and middle schools.

And here's a taster from "The primary school" (1931):

"The curriculum should not be loaded with inert ideas and crude blocks of fact, which are devoid of significance till related to some interest in the minds of the pupils. It must be vivid, realistic, a stream in motion, not a stagnant pool. Nor are we concerned to elaborate in detail the precise procedure to be deduced from these premises..."

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