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Website allows parents to order healthy school lunches for children

WELCOME TO the junk-food fan's worst nightmare: no more chips, Coke or cake, and it's all the Internet's fault, writes Chris Johnston.

An American company has launched a service that allows pupils - or their parents - to order the next day's lunch on the Internet (or a freephone number). The website displays the nutritional value of dishes on offer, allowing parents to order a green salad rather than shepherd's pie for their children.

Mary Jo Cutler former state director of child nutrition programmes for Massachusetts, designed the online menus. "The website provides parents with a unique way to monitor student food selections," she explained.

The system relies on a photo-ID card which can also be used for administration and registration purposes. Pupils pick up their customised lunch from the cafeteria by showing their card, which can be used as a debit card to pay for the food as well.

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