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Website helps ease class workload for Jason

Jason Bateman has never liked to plan a week's lessons in advance.

The Year 6 teacher at Mount Pleasant primary in Dudley, West Midlands, agrees with the suggestion, outlined in the new primary framework, that teachers should plan lessons in response to pupils' progress.

"There's no point delivering something, just because it's in your plan," he said. "You want to be on the pulse, reactive to what the kids need."

The 36-year-old has been trying out the new framework website, to see whether it would help him in the classroom. He welcomes the ready availability of government publications and classroom resources. "When I first came to teach Year 6, I struggled in my inexperience to find non-fiction texts. So to have the Government suggesting quality texts is definitely helpful although it's a shame the texts themselves don't appear on-line. You still have to get them from the library or Waterstonesor wherever."

Mr Bateman also likes the fact that he can easily move between learning objectives for different year groups, enabling him to cater for gifted and talented pupils, as well as those with special needs.

The site will eventually include an interactive planning tool.

Mr Bateman anticipates that this will also be of help him to combine different learning objectives.

But he did find the new website slightly difficult to navigate. "I was trying to find a term-by-term breakdown," he said. "May be it doesn't exist any more.

"But I did look quite hard. You have to click for a long time to reach some areas. You're not always sure you're heading in the right direction."

For the moment, he will continue to refer to learning objectives from the previous strategy, which he has not found on the website.

"We have two years to implement the new strategy," he said. "If it were two years down the line, and the site hadn't improved, I'd be quite narked. But it has great potential."

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