The Environment Agency's site at contains downloadable materials for schools including teacher's packs, geography and science CD-Roms, educational videos and the computer game, Ecopod, aimed at 14-year-olds. The game is set in 2020 when rivers are running dry and water is scarce. The player must survive a series of challenges by saving the remaining water reserves.

India's "first encyclopedic and pictorial website and photobank" can be found at As well as comprehensive textual information on ancient scriptures, religion, healing systems, festivals, people, wildlife, destinations and more, it contains around 150,000 images.

The 250th anniversary of a landmark performance of Handel's Messiah on May 1,1750, is the focus of material at intended for use by schools in collective worship and RE classes. The site also includes ideas for corporate worship, follow-up activities and discussion topics.

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