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2-8 may 2015


As nature intended

Even if the sun didn't come out to play, nude horticulturists certainly did for World Naked Gardening Day, with green-fingered growers sans fig leaves unashamedly tending their very own Gardens of Eden.


Get your wriggle on

Wormcharming, though not yet an Olympic sport, has reached its 31st annual games. Attendees at the Blackawton International Festival of Wormcharming competed to coax the most worms out of the ground.


May the fourth be with you

As Jedi enthusiasts busied themselves sending a flurry of geeky greetings to mark National Star Wars Day, teachers took the chance to bask in the lighter side of the force: the early May bank holiday.


Thanks for the memories

Shops across America offered discounts for Teacher Appreciation Day, and Twitter users around the globe shared stories of gratitude using the hashtag #ThankATeacher. See examples at bit.lyTESThankATeacher


Going the extra mile

Roger Bannister, an inspiration to PE teachers everywhere, ran the "miracle mile" 61 years ago. With a time of 3:59.4, the 25-year-old medical student was the first person to break the four-minute barrier.


Whatever floats your vote

Today was the general election for the next five-year term of government. Unitary authorities, district councils and metropolitan boroughs held local ballots, too, and five mayoral elections took place.


A time for remembrance

It is the 70th anniversary of Victory in Europe (or VE) Day, marking the end of hostilities in the Second World War on the continent. For lesson ideas, go to: www.tesconnect.comVEDayLessons

9-15 MAY 2015


United Europe

Europe Day is celebrated in the European Union's 28 member states. It marks French foreign minister Robert Schuman's proposed formation of a supranational community in 1950.


Our weekly bread

Everyone loves a sandwich, and British Sandwich Week, which starts today, is the perfect time to show your appreciation for bread and fillings. Whether ham and pickle or strawberry jam are your favourite, enjoy.


Picture this

On this day in 1927, "action" was called for the first meeting of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, which is now most famous for its star-studded Academy Awards, better known as the Oscars.


After abdication

In 1937, two years before the outbreak of the Second World War, the coronation of the reluctant King George VI and his wife Elizabeth took place. King Edward VIII had abdicated the previous December.


Space Oddity

Two years ago, Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield returned to Earth after spending five months on the International Space Station. His tweets and music videos while in orbit brought him worldwide fame.


Going viral

Disobeying the age-old motto to never work with animals or children, in 1796 Edward Jenner tested his theory of smallpox inoculation by administering an eight-year-old boy with material from cowpox lesions.


Time to get touchy

The second annual National Massage Day aims to help people understand the positive effects of touching. The idea is to join a conga line and massage the person in front of you. Probably best to warn them first.

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