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20-26 June 2015


Taking the reigns

On this day in 1837, Queen Victoria began her record-breaking reign of 63 years and 216 days. Her achievement will be eclipsed, however, if her great-great-granddaughter is still on the throne on 9 September.


The history book on the shelf...

The 200th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo was marked with a major re-enactment, ending with actors arriving in London to proclaim the news that, once again, Napoleon had been defeated.


Paying the piper

The EIS union's general secretary Larry Flanagan suggested that strike action was looming after a meeting between unions, councils and the Scottish government failed to agree a new deal on pay and conditions.


Bridging the gap

Teachers explored career ideas with their female pupils on National Women in Engineering Day, and necessarily so - the UK has the lowest percentage of female engineers in Europe.


Tent-pole event

Festival-goers packed their wellies and their suncream and headed to Glastonbury. Teachers can't join them until Friday, but after that they can still catch the likes of Kanye West, The Who and Lionel Richie.


Many thanks, maestro

Educators in Guatemala were celebrated on Dia del Maestro - the Schoolteachers' Day. The date was chosen to honour teacher Maria Chinchilla, who was killed in 1944 by the government during a peaceful protest.


Gene genies

On this day in 2000, the first survey of the entire human genome was announced. The work of more than 1,000 researchers revealed nearly 3 billion letters of genetic code - and inspired science lessons globally.

27 June - 3 July 2015


Joining forces

Armed Forces Day is held around the UK to bring soldiers' families and communities together. For budding cadets, it's a chance to meet the people behind the camouflage - and maybe hitch a ride on a tank.


Such a perfect day

Maths teachers have a moment of perfection every year and this is it: the only day to contain two perfect numbers (28 and 6), which are the sum of all numbers they are divisible by, excluding themselves.


Rally round

It's time to hide a stash of strawberries and cream in your classroom, as the 129th Wimbledon Championships begin. As per tradition, last year's male champion, Novak Djokovic, will formally start proceedings.


Blossoming interest

The world-famous Hampton Court Palace Flower Show in London begins, offering rhododendron revellers and sunflower supporters the chance to get up close to some beautiful, bold and rare blooms.


Let the good times roll

Excited teachers in the likes of Dundee, Aberdeen and Fife have just two days of term left - although some lucky devils in Glasgow and Edinburgh are already midway through their first week's hols.


The truth is out there

It's World UFO Day, the annual celebration of all things extraterrestrial. The event falls on the anniversary of the Roswell incident, in which one or more flying saucers reportedly crash-landed in the US in 1947.


Run for your wife

As married couples know, it's crucial to support your other half. But in Finland this is taken literally, at least during the annual Wife Carrying World Championships, in which spouses are hauled 253.5 metres.

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