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27 June - 3 July 2015


Pride (in the name of love)

A day after same-sex marriage became legal across the US, people took to the streets in London to celebrate Pride. Thousands of individuals, including representatives from education, attended the LGBT parade.


Blessed harmony

Headliners on the last day of Glastonbury included Lionel Richie, The Who and the Dalai Lama. The Tibetan spiritual leader urged festival-goers to "carry the message of love and tolerance and forgiveness".


Characterful classrooms

Three-quarters of teachers want non-formal learning activities on the curriculum, a report revealed. The survey on character education was released by thinktank Demos and the Scout Association (bit.lyDemosPoll).


Every second counts

What with marking and paperwork, have you ever felt like you needed more time? You must have relished today's "leap second", allowing clocks to sync with the Earth's rotation, which is slowing down.


The best medicine?

Students with ADHD can be successfully supported by strategies that do not involve drugs, research from the University of Exeter found. The academics recommended staff training to tackle stigma.


Over the hump

This was a red-letter day for calendar-counters as it marked 2015's halfway point. But even though the year has fewer days to come than have already gone by, lesson planning for 2016 is still a while off yet.


The start of normal

In 1839, three women made history by becoming the inaugural enrollees at the first state-funded teacher training institution in the US. Massachusetts' "Normal School" is now Framingham State University.

4-10 July 2015


Sum total

For feats of mathematical mastery, look no further than the 56th International Mathematical Olympiad in Thailand. Students from more than 100 countries are expected to take part.


Have a nice trip

As the summer break nears, spare a thought for those who lived before package holidays. Thomas Cook organised the first such trip in 1841, taking temperance supporters from Leicester to Loughborough.


Chapter and verse

Children's Book Week UK is the perfect excuse to settle down with a good book. So get on board with the Booktrust campaign and encourage your pupils to read for pleasure all year around.


Banding together

To see harmonious learning in action, head to Birmingham for the Music for Youth National Festival. In previous years, the event has featured up to 12,000 performers and attracted some 20,000 visitors.


Duck and cover

A summer of international test cricket will get under way at the Swalec Stadium in Cardiff, where England will try to regain the Ashes from Australia after losing the last series 5-0. Good luck with that!


Caped crusaders

Comic book enthusiasts will embrace - and dress up as - their inner superhero at Comic Con in San Diego, US. Discover what the fanboys and girls at your school will be nerding out over in the coming months.


First lady who lunches

Budding Jamie Olivers from around the US will visit the White House for a "Kids' State Dinner" with First Lady Michelle Obama. The attendees submitted winning recipes to the Healthy Lunchtime Challenge.

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