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8-14 August 2015



In what would have been the highlight of many PE teachers' summers, England's cricketers won the Ashes in stunning fashion. Their prize? Bragging rights over the Aussies for the next two years.


Long walk to freedom

South Africa celebrated National Women's Day, commemorating the moment in 1956 when 20,000 women marched to protest against having to carry a pass "proving" that they were allowed to enter a white area.


A roar deal

Lions may traditionally be known as the kings of the jungle but they are increasingly vulnerable. World Lion Day hoped to raise awareness of threats to the species, such as illegal poaching and habitat destruction.


More tea, vicar?

National Afternoon Tea Week is a bit of a step up from an afternoon cuppa and a staffroom Hobnob. Today marked the moment in the 1840s when the Duchess of Bedford got the culinary tradition started.


Stars in their eyes

Holidaying teachers had a more-than-ordinarily pressing reason to hope for clear skies, as the annual Perseid meteor showers reached their zenith. Were you one of the many stargazers camped outside?


Grand opening

Many thousands of nervous students found out their fates as they opened envelopes containing their A-level results. As the fallout keeps coming, you may want to look at TES' handy guide: bit.lyTESResultsDay


Baby gym(nastics)

If your students can't wait to grow up to be sporting heroes, why not inspire them with tales of the Youth Olympic Games? The inaugural contest began on this day in 2010, with China the overwhelming winner.

15-21 August 2015


Peace at last

History teachers know that the Pacific campaign raged on for three months after the Second World War ended in Europe. But on this day in 1945, Japan surrendered to the Allies and ended six years of war.


Rock of ages

Long live the (memory of the) King. Today is the 38th anniversary of Elvis Presley's death and just as eagerly celebrated in certain quarters over here as it is in the US, despite him visiting the UK only twice.


Master stroke

On this day in 2008 at the Beijing Olympics, Michael Phelps became the first person to win eight gold medals in one Games. He is the most decorated Olympian of all time and an inspiration to school swimmers.


Bright sparks

If you're a master of defusing explosive situations in class, the British Firework Championships could be for you. Otherwise, a night watching Are Our Kids Tough Enough? Chinese School will probably suffice.


The greater good

Today is the United Nations' World Humanitarian Day, which commemorates people who have died in the service of humanitarian causes - a moving way to get pupils looking at the bigger picture.


Moment of truth

It's GCSE results day, which means that students all over the country will find out if their years of hard work (or frantic last-minute cramming) have paid off. Head to bit.lyTESGCSEs for the latest news.


Political differences

On this day in 1940, an assassin murdered Bolshevik Leon Trotsky with an ice pick in Mexico. Some in the Labour Party may be wishing the same thing could happen to their own troublesome left-wingers.

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