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7-13 JUNE 2014


Going to extremes

Ofsted has "questions to answer" over the extremism scandal in Birmingham schools, Labour's education spokesman Tristram Hunt said at a conference held by right-leaning thinktank Policy Exchange.


Open sesame

Rafael Nadal proved himself the king of clay by taking a record ninth French Open title, beating Novak Djokovic in the year's second tennis major. Number three - Wimbledon - gets under way later this month.



In the UK, students and teachers were encouraged to get pedalling as part of Bike to School Week, which promotes cycling and celebrates schools' ongoing efforts to promote a healthy lifestyle.


Care in conflict

British foreign secretary William Hague hosted the Global Summit to End Sexual Violence in Conflict with United Nations special envoy Angelina Jolie. More than 100 countries were represented at the event.


Tackling poverty

Oxfam published a World Cup wall chart showing inequality in the 32 competing countries. Belgium comes top for having the smallest gap between rich and poor while England would be out in the second round.


Trunk of truth

As the World Cup began, psychic animals were hoping to replicate the success of Paul the Octopus during the 2010 tournament. Potential mystic heirs include Nelly the elephant, based in Germany.


Unlucky for some

Sufferers of paraskavedekatriaphobia

- an irrational fear of Friday the 13th - may want to stay indoors today. But they can take comfort in the knowledge that this is the only one in 2014.

14-20 June 2014


What's the catch?

It may seem to be just a load of balls, but today is World Juggling Day. Sponsored by the International Jugglers' Association, the campaign aims to bring together devotees around the world.


Daddy cool

You don't need to panic-buy socks and ties - just make sure your Dad knows that you love him. Father's Day will be celebrated in countries across the globe, including the UK and the US.


Ghost writer

It was a stormy night at Lake Geneva in 1816 and Lord Byron was reading spooky stories from Fantasmagoriana with friends. The performance inspired Mary Shelley to write her iconic horror novel Frankenstein.


Independence day

The Republic of Iceland celebrates the 70th anniversary of independence from Denmark. The date was chosen to mark the birthday of Jn Sigurdsson, leader of the 19th-century Icelandic independence movement.


Wo, wo, wo, wo, Waterloo

Nearly 200 years ago, at Waterloo Napoleon did surrender, ending his reign as emperor of France - and later inspiring a Swedish pop classic. The 1815 battle was close-run but Anglo-Allied forces won the day.


Fools rush in

Schedule some time to take it easy, have a wander and calmly, but joyfully, celebrate World Sauntering Day. The campaign aims to remind people to relax and enjoy life at a leisurely pace.


Put your heads together

The leading lights of education will descend on Wellington College in Berkshire for the Festival of Education. The event includes discussions, panels, lectures and workshops with more than 150 speakers.

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