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14-20 June 2014


Knight fever

Arise, Sir John! Leading educationalist and former head of the Association of School and College Leaders John Dunford was knighted in the Queen's Birthday Honours, for services to education.


All together now

Bow ties on, cellos out: the BBC is to launch a campaign to bring more classical music into primary schools, it emerged. Schools will receive visits from musicians and have access to extra teaching resources.


Reading loud and clear

A small-scale study showed that children learning to read via phonics were two years ahead by the age of 7. This will be music to the ears of phonics fans, but not to those who say the method is confusing.


On his high horse

Fashion guru Gok Wan took charge of commenting on the fashion on display at Royal Ascot's opening day. But did the mad hats and skimpy skirts please the popular television presenter?


Class politics

MPs released a major report entitled Underachievement in Education by White Working Class Children. It discusses how good schools and good teachers can make a major difference to this at-risk group.


Eye on the ball

For some it will have been too much to bear; for others it will have been an evening of unfettered boozing and hope. England were set to take on Uruguay in their World Cup clash in Sao Paulo, Brazil.


Live forever

Nineties throwbacks will be rushing to Christie's in London for the auction of the drum kit used on Oasis' seminal album Definitely Maybe, released 20 years ago. The kit was expected to fetch pound;12,000-15,000.

21 -27 June 2014


True to forum

Scientists, policymakers and the public are set to debate cutting-edge research at the Euroscience Open Forum in Denmark, with talks such as "Controlling Single Photons in a Box: a long scientific adventure".


Speak of the devil

The annual "baby jumping" (or El Colacho) takes place in Castrillo de Murcia in Spain. Men dressed as the devil jump over babies to cleanse them of evil and to mark the Catholic festival of Corpus Christi.


Net gains

Can Andy Murray (pictured) do it again or will housewives' favourite Roger Federer add more millions to his bank account? Wimbledon fortnight begins, strawberry prices soar and it probably starts to rain.


Fans aren't a-changing

Bob Dylan mania continues with the sale of his handwritten lyrics to Like a Rolling Stone in New York. The notes, which feature doodles including a rooster, a hat and a shoe, could fetch pound;1 million.


Leading the field

Time for more rock and roll as Glastonbury Festival begins in Somerset. Music-loving teachers will be contemplating how to make the most of the weekend and still be able to teach on Monday morning.


Capital ideas

Cor blimey, guv'nor, London ain't 'alf bad! The Centre for London thinktank will launch its report Lessons from London Schools, an in-depth look at educational improvements in the capital.


Baggy trousers

It's Wrong Trousers Day in the UK, when people are encouraged to wear ill-fitting slacks to raise money for children's hospitals. Let's hope the head of science doesn't wear skinny jeans again.

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