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2-8 August 2014


Love and affection

It was the penultimate day of the UK's national bisexual convention at Leeds Trinity University in Yorkshire. BiCon brings together bisexual people and their allies for discussion groups, workshops and activities.


Nothing but the Bestival

School holiday staple - and teacher favourite - Camp Bestival came to a close, with the Dorset shindig hosting ska music legends The Skatalites (left) alongside The Wedding Present and Chas and Dave. Retro!


We will remember them

Britain marked the centenary of its entry into the First World War. Away from the home front, representatives from more than 80 countries attended a commemoration of the start of the conflict in Lige, Belgium.


Public briefing

Ever had that dream where you're in public wearing nothing but your scanties? National Underwear Day in the US turns that nightmare into a reality; last year more than 800 partied in their pants in Times Square.


What a clown

The end of International Clown Week was approaching, where jesters from all over the world put on shows in nurseries, hospitals, shopping centres and nursing homes. Now, where did I put my extra-long shoes?


Unbridled excitement

Hardy horseback riders contested the annual "world-famous suicide race" in the US state of Washington. The perilous mountain race was launched in 1935 to promote the Omak Stampede rodeo.


The whole kit and caboodle

Cat enthusiasts will be feline good today - it's International Cat Day. Organised by the International Fund for Animal Welfare, the event was set up by the charity to promote peaceful coexistence between man and pet.

9-15 August 2014


A close shave

On your marks, get set, mow! The British Lawn Mower Racing Association is holding its annual 12-hour lawnmower race near Billingshurst, West Sussex. The winning team receives ale and a bacon butty.


Young love

You'll be able to hear the screams from here as California in the US plays host to this year's Teen Choice Awards. Last year, the big winners included One Direction and the latest film in the Twilight saga.


Nuggets of wisdom

The annual World Goldpanning Championships are due to kick off in Kopparberg, Sweden. The contest is held in artificial pools and competitors try to collect the most metal in a given time.


Why the mind matters

On this year's International Youth Day the United Nations is aiming to promote awareness of mental health illness among young people, and the millions who do not receive the treatment they need.


Out of left field

Gone are the days when left-handers would have their hands tied behind their backs in the classroom to get them to conform - sinistral students now have their own global day of celebration.


The mark of doom

It's a big day for secondary teachers and pupils alike as sixth-formers in England and Wales pick up their A-level results. The big question is: will they go up or down? Expect controversy, whatever happens.


Naming convention

You'll be able to see the names of pupils you'll be teaching in the years to come when the UK's Office for National Statistics publishes 2013's most popular baby names. Expect "George" to be a popular choice.

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