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15-21 March 2014


Roman Ruin

Julius Caesar famously ignored the warning to "beware the Ides of March" to his cost. On this day in 44BC, he became an ex-dictator thanks to a judiciously applied knife to the back, courtesy of his underlings.


When it all kicked off

The first ever FA Cup final took place on this day in 1872. The match was held at the Oval in Kennington, London and was won by Wanderers FC, who secured a 1-0 victory over Royal Engineers AFC.


Irish eyes were smiling

Millions of people around the world celebrated their Irish heritage by marking St Patrick's Day. The patron saint was toasted as far afield as Nigeria, the world's largest consumer of Irish stout Guinness. Slinte!


Alien encounter

Aleksei Leonov made history on this date in 1965 by leaving his Voskhod 2 capsule for 12 minutes, becoming the first person to walk in space. Since that time, more than 200 others have undertaken spacewalks.


Thank you for not smoking

Kick Butts Day sounds like a great excuse to start dishing out detentions but it was actually far more educational - schools across the world ran events to help keep young people tobacco-free.


Joy to the world

It was the United Nations' International Day of Happiness 2014, so here's hoping you put down the marking and did something upbeat, like clapping along if you feel like a room without a roof. (Thank you, Pharrell.)


Fun run

Sport Relief kicks off today, bringing the worlds of sport and entertainment together. It's a great excuse for teachers to don wigs and be doused in water, baked beans and so on. All in the name of charity, of course.

22-28 March 2014


Save a seat

Magnificent Muzical Chairs, an attempt to break the record for the largest game of musical chairs ever played, takes place in London today. Organisers hope that more than 10,000 people will join in the game.


Weather girls (and boys)

World Meteorological Day 2014 has an educational slant this year - the theme is engaging youth with weather and climate. Teachers are encouraged to get students involved in action against global warming.


Prison break

Seventy years ago today, a group of Allied prisoners of war broke out of the German camp Stalag Luft III. The plan to free 200 soldiers failed; their exploits were later immortalised in the film The Great Escape.


Laugh in the face of fear

Coulrophobics should avoid Northbrook in Illinois, US, for the next few days. The World Clown Association is holding its annual conference and will be conferring the prestigious Clown of the Year Award.


Strike three

England's NUT teaching union is to hold a national walkout over teachers' pay, pensions, workload, conditions of service and jobs. It will be the third national strike called by the union since 2011.


Holy roller

US President Barack Obama will meet Pope Francis for the first time at the Vatican to discuss how to fight poverty and inequality. It's just one stop on a tour that will also take in the Netherlands and Belgium.


Czech mates

Slovakia and the Czech Republic mark the birthday of John Amos Comenius, an early champion of universal education. In the Czech Republic, inspirational teachers are nominated by their students for awards.

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