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8-14 November 2014


Private pain

Teachers at private schools may not have as cushy a life as their state school peers believe. An ATL teaching union survey revealed that many were working longer hours with tiny pay rises, despite larger fees.


Lest we forget

The Queen and heads of government attended the annual Remembrance Sunday event at the Cenotaph in central London. Strict security was in place amid fears of attacks by Islamic fundamentalists.


Stemming the brain drain

A number of big companies, including Nestl and Shell, said young people worried that science, technology, engineering and maths (Stem) subjects were too hard, which was starving businesses of skilled workers.


Can't buy me love

If you think Valentine's Day is commercial, try China's "Singles' Day", when Chinese singletons are encouraged to buy gifts for themselves. Spending on online retailer Alibaba was expected to reach pound;5.14 billion.


Seeking immunity

Fears of poor precautions against Ebola prompted nurses in the US to strike, calling for more to be done to protect them. Two nurses who were infected after treating a Liberian man in Texas have since recovered.


Flying high in Korea

Some 650,000 South Koreans sat the College Scholastic Aptitude Test, which decides whether or not students go to university. Planes are prevented from landing during the language listening test to ensure quiet.


Pudsey goes bananas

Terry Wogan will be on Britain's television screens tonight to co-present the 35th annual "Children in Need" charity marathon. Millions are raised for children's causes and newsreaders appear in silly costumes.

15-21 November 2014


Spelling convention

Croydon is the unlikely setting for Witchfest International, "the largest witchcraft festival in the world". Music will be provided by bands such as The Dolmen (pictured, right) and The Daughters of Gaia.


Volcanic language lessons

Do you speak Viking? Why not celebrate Icelandic Language Day with your class? Coinciding with the birth of the poet Jnas Hallgrmsson, the event aims to celebrate and protect the sparsely spoken tongue.


Black day at the White House

"I am not a crook". Today is the anniversary of the infamous moment in 1973 when President Richard Nixon denied any involvement in the Watergate scandal - the best pre-Bill Clinton presidential denial.


Ringing the changes

People were suspicious, but the first push-button telephones were introduced on this day in 1963. Residents in Pennsylvania, US, were the first to lose the old-school rotary dial phones. Fancy!


Just rewards

Hundreds of people working in youth justice will gather in Telford, Shropshire for the Youth Justice Convention 2014. The annual event will feature Lin Hinnigan, chief executive of the Youth Justice Board.


Cogito, ergo sum

It's World Philosophy Day, which aims to make philosophy more accessible and promote critical thinking. Descartes and his mates would have been happy (if indeed happiness exists at all, etc).


Season's greetings

The Christmas season begins in earnest with the opening of Winter Wonderland in London's Hyde Park. Crowds are expected at the UK's largest ice rink - parents, prepare yourselves with a tot of glhwein.

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